The Best Lenses on the Planet

Erker’s only uses the latest and most advanced lenses on the market. Just like cars, there are 1000’s of different lens designs. Our opticians will listen to your needs and expertly craft a lens design that suits your everyday life. If you are an athlete or work in an office, Erker’s will be sure to give you the best lens that suit your specific needs. If everyone had the same life we would all use the same lens. Experience the difference of true customization from your eye exam, to lens design, to eyewear selection. We are with you every step of the way to ensure your vision is the best it can be.



Erker’s Premium

Free Form Digital Lenses

Erker’s progressive lenses have the best clarity of any lens on the market, We have the ability to offer the best distance with the widest reading. We work on customizing every aspect of the lens to suit your unique needs. The only way to get the best result is to start with the best lens.

Erker’s Anti- Reflective Coating

Nine ultra-thin layers for incredibly hard lenses with amazing clarity

Erker’s Blue Light Protection

The Thinnest Lenses in the World

Erker’s will make sure you get the absolute thinnest lens that will fit your prescription. Rest assured that you will receive the best looking lens as well as the highest quality lens.