Contact Lenses in Missouri

At Erker’s Fine Eyewear, we’ve made a name for ourselves by providing luxury eyewear to the people of the St. Louis area, but we also believe that contact lenses can be an important part of anyone’s vision correction arsenal. We specialize in high-quality, ultrathin glasses lenses, and for some clients, contact lenses are simply an even more non-intrusive lens option.

Patients can expect a high standard of care when they come to us for their contact lenses — we’re known for fine eyewear, but we understand the importance of clear, convenient vision, as well.

Experienced Missouri Eye Doctors

A family-owned business like ours doesn’t thrive for over 140 years without knowing the value of experience. Our on-site eye doctors, Richard Levy, O.D., and Kate Gettinger, O.D., have spent years helping patients get the most out of their eyes with thorough contact lens exams and fittings, as well as in-depth conversations with each patient to determine which contact lens products are going to be the best fit for them.

Contact Lens Services in Missouri

At Erker’s, you can expect a comprehensive contact lens experience, from an in-depth exam, to a variety of lens options, to a multi-step fitting process that ensures your contacts are comfortable and convenient.
Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens Exams

During a contact lens exam, you can expect us to find your precise vision prescription and examine your eyes for potential eye condition complications. Then, we’ll discuss your many contact lens options.

Contact lens examinations are slightly different from standard comprehensive eye exams. Because contact lenses sit on the surface your eyes — rather than a short distance away like eyeglass lenses — we must account for that distance when finding a vision prescription. From there, we look closely at your eye, get precise measurements, and take note of any factors that may affect your ability to wear certain types of contact lenses comfortably.

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A Large Variety of Lenses

In order to find the contact lens product that meets your needs, we need to offer a wide variety of lenses from the top brands in the industry. This gives you plenty of options in your fitting to find the contacts that work for you.

We offer contact lenses from Alcon®, Bausch + Lomb®, CooperVision®, and VISTAKON®, ensuring that whatever your specific needs are, they’re being met with the latest in contact lens technology. We also offer specialized solutions such as gas permeable lenses.

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Contact Lens Fittings

Contact Lens Fittings

During the contact lens fitting process, we’ll assess how specific lenses complement the curvature of your eye and improve your vision. If you’re new to contacts, we’ll also make sure you know how to insert, remove, and care for your lenses.

If you don’t have a preferred product or brand, don’t worry. We’ll have you try the contacts during a take-home trial run and confirm your choice in a follow-up appointment — or have you try a new pair, repeating the process until you’ve found your perfect fit.

Contact Lenses at Erker’s

We’re proud to be the finest eyewear and eye care provider in St. Louis and throughout Missouri. If you’re interested in contacts, we’ll take care of you every step of the way, from initial conversations to easy re-ordering. To schedule a contact lens exam, call Erker’s Fine Eyewear at (314) 997-0002, Erker’s 1879 at (314) 692-9877, or schedule an appointment online.