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Premium Eyewear
in St. Louis

Erker’s Fine Eyewear has been synonymous with exceptional eyewear ever since we opened our St. Louis optical business in 1879. We’ve upheld high standards for our eyewear from the beginning, stocking only the world’s best frames, including our own Erker’s brand glasses, and fitting them with our industry-leading lens technology.

If you’re in the market for glasses of unparalleled quality, you’ve come to the right place. When you visit Erker’s, you can expect a shopping experience unlike any other.


The amount of care and attention to detail put into the construction of your glasses is reflected in the final product. Crafting the perfect pair of glasses is like a work of art, and at Erker’s, we only trust the most qualified and passionate creators, whether they’re independent designers or our own master eyewear artisans.

collection of eyeglasses elegantly displayed, showcasing a diverse range of styles and frames


Your glasses are only as functional as your lens prescription is precise. Every eye is unique, and so is the degree of vision correction they need. At Erker’s, our expert optometrists perform comprehensive eye exams to provide our patients with a total assessment of your eye health and the most accurate vision measurement possible.

You should expect the best from your eye care provider. The vision prescriptions written by our St. Louis eye doctors couple flawlessly with our optical services, meaning that you’ll walk out of Erker’s with frames you love and a prescription that lets you experience the true beauty of the world.


We’re committed to providing our clientele with unique, independent, and stunning eyewear. To uphold this commitment, our team hand-selects and displays frames exclusively from the world’s best independent manufacturers.

When you browse our designer frame collections, you won’t find the mundane, unexceptional, or generic. Instead, you expect to find only the latest in modern eyewear trends. Our expert St. Louis opticians will help you choose from over 6,000 independently manufactured frames to find the pair of eyeglasses perfect for your style and vision needs.

ERKER’S BRAND GLasses frames

Since 1879, Erker’s has been an authority in the eyewear industry, providing the people of St. Louis with the most extraordinary frames and lenses. It’s this well-earned expertise that informs how we develop and craft our own Erker’s brand glasses.

Each pair of Erker’s brand frames has a story, and it begins with traveling the world to find design inspiration. However, we don’t just replicate the current eyewear trends in our frames, we build upon the latest styles and become trend-setters ourselves.

Erker’s brand frames are designed and prototyped in-office, allowing us to cut down on production time and offer our clients a superior price point. We recognize the qualities that make up a phenomenal frame, and we ensure that these qualities are used in the design of Erker’s glasses. Our team uses only the finest materials, exquisite shapes, and vivid coloring to construct designer glasses of unequaled style and excellence.

We’re constantly innovating and expanding upon our collection, because our desire to offer you remarkable eyewear knows no ends. If you can trust anyone to understand what it takes to create the right eyewear for you, it’s the oldest, single family-owned optical business in the country.

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Why choose Erker’s? Because you deserve glasses unique to you. You deserve eyewear that’s of the highest quality and craftmanship. You deserve an eye care experience that’s of the highest caliber.

You deserve the exceptional glasses and eye care you’ll find only at Erker’s Fine Eyewear. Call us at