Diabetic Eye Exams


For five generations and counting, Erker’s Fine Eyewear has been the premier source of eye care for the St. Louis metropolitan area.

What are Diabetic Eye Exams?

Diabetes can affect all aspects of your health and can have a potentially devastating impact on your eyesight. During our diabetic eye exams, we use our advanced technology to check for the signs of diabetic eye diseases by looking at the different structures inside your eyes. These conditions can rob you of your eyesight, but our skilled optometrists will help you stay on top of your diabetes and protect your vision for years to come.

Diabetic Eye Disease Management

We work closely with our patients to help them manage their diabetes and eye health. Through regular eye exams, our eye doctors can identify diabetic eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, before you notice any symptoms or changes in your vision. From there, we’ll work with your general care doctor to closely monitor your diabetes and keep you seeing clearly.

Our State-of-the-Art Technology

During our diabetic eye exams, we use the incredible Optos ultra-widefield retinal imager to get a complete, high-definition image of the back of your eye, all without having to dilate your pupils. Using advanced imaging lets us see the first signs of issues like glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy so we can get you started on a treatment plan as soon as possible.

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