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Erker’s Fine Eyewear is more than just a place where you can find the best collection of designer glasses in St. Louis — we’re also known for some of the most advances lenses in the country.

Our optical experts will listen to you. We want to know how you live your life: where you work, how you play, and what you need from your eyewear. At Erker’s, you’ll experience the difference that only true customization — from your eye exam to eyewear selection and lens design — can provide.

Our approach to lens technology is part of the reason why we’ve built the reputation as one of the best optical retail experiences in St. Louis since we first opened our doors in 1879.

Lens Technology in St. Louis
St. Louis Lens Technology
Erkers Lens Technology

Erker’s Premium Progressive Lenses

Many of our customers need lenses that account for both their reading glasses prescription (near sight) and regular prescription (mid to far sight).

Bifocal lenses have a small area at the bottom of the lens for your reading prescription, while the rest of the lens suits your standard vision prescription. Meanwhile, “progressive lenses,” a more advanced option, slowly “progress” your reading prescription to your regular prescription as your eyes move from the bottom to the top of your vision field.

Progressive lenses have beveled areas at the lower peripherals of the lens to help naturally blend your peripheral vision into your progressive prescription. Unfortunately, most such lenses have large beveled areas, making it more difficult for wearers to use their complete range of vision.

St Louis Standard Progressive Lens


St Louis Wider Progressive Lense


 St Louis Premium Progressive Lense

Erker’s Premium

At Erker’s, we recognized this shortcoming and dedicated our time and effort to finding a better solution. We’re proud to offer our Premium Progressive Lenses, which effectively minimize the beveled area as well as the need for blending from your progressive prescription to your peripheral vision.

Erker’s Anti-Reflective Coating

Experiencing reflective glare on the back of your glasses is a lot like driving at night with someone’s bright headlights in your rearview mirror: a frustrating distraction and a hinderance to your vision. Reflections in your peripheral vision can obscure your vision and cause eye strain.

St Louis Anti-Reflective Coating

Erker’s provides a multifaceted solution to this problem via our proprietary multi-layer, broadband anti-reflective coating, which works similarly to how tilting your rearview mirror dims reflections. Our system includes nine layers, five of which are ion-compressed, and all of which are ultra-thin. This gives you exceptionally thin — yet incredibly durable — lenses.

Other specialties of our lenses include a hard coating which has been ion-bombarded to improve adhesion and durability, a super-slick outer coat for easier cleaning, and our patented anti-static layer, improving resistance to dirt and debris.

Erker’s Blue Light Protection

Blue light is high-energy and visible light, closest on the spectrum to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
While exposure to blue light has been shown to regulate our internal rhythms, overexposure has been linked to macular degeneration, eye strain, and retina damage.

St Louis Blue Light Protection

It was this growing concern that motivated us to invest in high-quality blue light protection. Absorbing and reflecting more blue light and UV rays than typical lenses, our blue light lens technology will protect your eyes day and night, allowing for healthier time spent in direct sunlight and viewing digital screens.

Erker’s World-Thinnest Lenses

At Erker’s, we pride ourselves on offering the best lenses with the most advanced and comprehensive solutions available. But we keep our lenses thin — thinner than any other options, in fact. Even if you combine our Premium Progressive lenses with our 9-layer, anti-reflective coating and blue light technology, your lenses will be incredibly thin, light, and easy to wear.

World-Thinnest Lenses Near Me

At Erker’s, we give you quality: quality eye doctors, quality glasses and frames, and quality guidance. We’re happy to help you find the lenses that are not only the best match for your eyes, but the best match to your overall lifestyle.

Contact us today or visit us in our St. Louis store to learn how we can help you create the excellent eyewear you deserve.

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