St. Louis Eye Exams

Eyesight is a delicate gift, one which requires regular care to reach its full potential. Since 1879, Erker’s Fine Eyewear has provided our patients with exceptional eye care so that they can enjoy the gift of sight to the fullest.

We aren’t just experts in eyewear; we’re also specialists when it comes to the eyes behind the frames. Our highly trained and well-practiced optometrists perform comprehensive eye exams to ensure that your eyes perform at their very best.

Our Approach: Comprehensive
Eye Exams in St. Louis

At Erker’s, our highly experienced eye doctors will assess all aspects of your eye health, beginning with an evaluation of your family’s eye history. This better informs our optometrists about the genetic conditions and risk factors to which you may be susceptible.

Our eye doctor will then use a slit lamp microscopy exam to check your eye health. They will also perform a tonometry test to determine if you are at risk for glaucoma, and after a pupil dilation, they’ll check the blood vessels in your retinas and look for signs of swelling.

Finally, we will perform a vision refraction test to determine your eyeglasses prescription.

The Importance of Annual Eye Exams in St. Louis

Your eyes are your window to the world. The Erker’s team will ensure that your window never closes – we do this with an annual eye exam.

Here’s why routine eye exams are essential to proper eye care:

Eye Exams and Updated Prescriptions

Eye Exams and Updated Prescriptions

When you buy your glasses with us, our passionate and knowledgeable opticians search through our entire collection of over 6,000 designer glasses to help you find your perfect frames. However, that’s only half of the equation: the functionality of your eyewear depends on the accuracy of your vision prescription.

Your prescription can change with time, and even the smallest variation in your prescription can affect the clarity of your sight. Our experienced optometrists take exceptional care in determining an accurate prescription for each eye so that your frames can function just as well as they look.

An annual eye exam is the opportunity to determine if your eyes are performing at their very best with your current prescription, and if they aren’t, we’re here to rectify the issue.

Optimal Eye Health

Ensure Optimal Eye Health

Not only will we give you the most accurate vision prescription, we’ll also complete a thorough evaluation of the health of your eyes – something that should be done on a yearly basis.

During your annual eye exam, our St. Louis eye doctors will check for common eye diseases and conditions that can threaten the clarity of your vision, such as:

Myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism
Strabismus (crossed eyes)
Amblyopia (lazy eye)
Retinal tears or detachment
Retinal swelling

For many eye conditions and diseases, the earlier they are detected, the better. Annual eye exams improve your chances of catching eye problems early, something essential to maintaining healthy eyes and clear sight.

Optimal Eye Health
Daytona Plus image captured

Advanced Imaging with Optos

Our cutting-edge Optos optomap® ultra-widefield™ retinal imaging gives us a high definition, comprehensive picture of the back of your eye — with no dilation necessary.

This device helps our already thorough doctors further explore, and understand, even the smallest changes to your inner eye. As a result, we’re able to diagnose eye diseases such as AMD and glaucoma extraordinarily early to preserve your eyesight, because early detection means our preventative methods go farther. The level of precision achieved with Optos optomap® ultra-widefield™ retinal imaging, paired with the fact that no dilation occurs, creates greater incentive to invest in optical technology. Lack of dilation provides extra patient benefit, as you can drive home worry free and carry on with the rest of your day.

Using Insurance for St. Louis Eye Exams

At Erker’s, we accept all leading insurances in the St. Louis area, including:

Call us at (314) 370-2977 to learn about the other insurers we work with, or to schedule an appointment.