The meeting of technological innovation and the know-how of J.F.Rey Eyewear Design. Chic and resolutely masculine, these frames are designed to showcase superb materials. Flowing architecture, titanium or exclusive acetate fronts, a TitaBOX hinge, black ceramic links on the temples, this line isn't short of style.


Well before the "Made in France" turmoil, we already entrust the production of our frames to traditional French manufacturing. Native to the Jura region (France), Jean Fran├žois Rey (who owns the Ellaps plant) and his creative team run the development of the collections from the Marseille office. The manufacture of the frames is entrusted to the trained and expert hands of his French skilled workers with a production process for each model which require no less than 150 to 200 handlings. With the know-how, the creativity and inventiveness talent of its design team, the company is more than ever an essential driving force on a market addicted to novelty.

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