Specializing in optical machinary and equipment, Erker Brother's Optical Company is Founded in St. Louis by A.P. Erker


Thomas Edison invents the incadescent light bulb and changes our world forever.


Erker's becomes the first optical laboratory west of the Mississippi


The First automobiles arrive on the streets of St. Louis.


Erker's serves as the official photographer of the 1904 Worlds Fair, and wins numerous awards for optical equipment and machinary



Charles lindbergh makes the first solo trans-atlantic flight wearing custom made goggles by erker brothers optical.


Eugene erker, son of a.p. erker, becomes the 2nd generation to enter the business


Erker's expands into eyeglasses, sunglasses, specialized camera lenses, goggles, microscopes,


The gateway arch is completed


Grandson of a.p. erker, john erker sr., becomes the 3rd generation to take over the family business


Erker's expands its retail prescence and becomes "the most trusted name in the eyes of St. Louis."


Erker's celebrates it's 100th birthday


Erker's opens its own optical lab, setting the gold standard for manufacturing the highest quality lenses on the market


Throughout the 20th century Erker's has narrowed it's focus on handcrafted fine eyewear.

jack erker, jr. becomes the 4th generation family memeber to lead the business. making erker's fine eyewear the oldest optical company in the us that is still held by members of the founding family


"Eyewear" is the marriage of form and function, taking traditional glasses beyond practicality and into the realm of fashion accessories."


In Search of Offering the finest Eyewear to St. Louis, Jack Erker Jr, along with his two sons Jack III and Tony, expanded into the manufacturing and distibuting beautiful eyewear.


Erker's Fine Eyewear carries the Midwest's largest selection of top eyewear collections from around the world and carrying frames in every shape and color. "


While Erker's Fine Eyewear has long been known for creating signiture images of such notable stars as Fox’s number one sports broadcaster Joe Buck, as well as hometown native rapper Nelly. John Goodman, Will Smith, Elton John, and Bob Costas are just a few other notable celebrities who chose Erker’s Fine Eyewear for their eyewear, not to mention the countless number of athletes like Shaquille O’Neal, Mark McGwire, Orlando Pace, Marshall Faulk, Brett Hull, Kurt Warner and Floyd Mayweather.

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