For 138 years Erker’s continues to provide the finest eyecare in St. Louis. Eyecare is not just determining a prescription, but also checking the health of your eyes even when your eyes feel fine. We listen and address all of your questions so all of our patients are comfortable and satisfied about their eye care needs. The eyes are the windows to the world and Erker’s #1 goal is to make sure they are always their best.

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We Don’t Cut Corners

Our optometrist does 100% of the testing. We believe to get the best results the doctor should do the entire examination.

We Take Your Insurance

We take all of the leading insurances in the St. Louis area,

Your Eye Health is Important

Not only do we give you the best prescription for your eyes, we also do a thorough check of the health of your eyes as well.

Comprehensive Eye Exam


  • External examination of the eyes and surrounding structure
  • Internal retinal examination with pupil dilation if needed
  • Patient and Family Health and Eye History
  • Slit lamp microscopy exam of the eye to assess eye health
  • Refraction to determine eyeglass prescription
  • Consultation and advise on best corrective options
  • Assessment of health status of eyes and surrounding structures.
  • Tonometry to screen for glaucoma

Contact Lens Exam


  • All components of comprehensive eye exam included in contact lens exam
  • Measurement of corneal curvature to determine contact lens rx
  • Trial fitting and followup of contact lenses
  • Insertion and removal training if needed
  • Follow up appointments to asses fit of lenses and adaption to contact lenses

Some of the top Insurances
we Accept

  • Eyemed
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Health Care
  • Opticare
  • VSP

+ 100’s of others
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Your Eyes Are Your Windows To The World.

When you can see your best, you can see the true beauty that exists in the world.